Top Innovative Products for Concrete Contractors

Concrete contractors know the importance of keeping with technological innovations in their field. There’s always new innovations in concrete that can help improve the profitability, aesthetics, and quality of your work.

Here are some of the new innovative concrete products that you should keep an eye on.


Thermal insulation system for concrete contractors

image of a concrete contractor

Researchers have recently come up with a new thermal insulation system that is designed specifically for poured concrete wall and foundation wall construction. The system can offer better insulation than traditional poured concrete.

This insulation system is composed of polystyrene foam panels that are installed within the forms before the concrete is poured. The system is held in place by an innovative web structure that also forms part of the entire concrete structure.


Custom concrete patterned surfaces

One of the new concrete technology to watch out for this year is a patented technique from a Finnish manufacturer. This method is similar to stamped concrete and involves making detailed, patterned concrete surfaces similar to a stamped concrete overlay by applying a surface retarder to the concrete form liner’s exterior.

This technique will allow you to create intricately patterned concrete products and slabs. If you are looking for contractor concrete construction products that will enable you to propose decorative concrete design ideas and the most popular stamped concrete patterns to your clients and be more creative with your projects, this is definitely worth looking into.


Translucent concrete for concrete contractors

Translucent concrete isn’t a new product per se, since a Hungarian company originally developed it in 2001. However, this product has recently made its way into more mainstream construction projects and has significantly grown in popularity as more people see transparent concrete as a green material for building.

Translucent concrete is essentially a type of concrete that with light-transmissive properties, thanks to embedded materials such as clear resins or optical fibers.


Bendable Concrete

Bendable concrete, also known as engineered cementitious composite. The manufacturing process of bendable concrete mimics the structure of nacre, a substance found inside abalone shells. Nacre consists of aragonite platelets connected by natural polymers. It is both a hard and flexible substance since the platelets can freely slide together with the introduction of stress.

Bendable concrete is ideal for structures that are located in places with harsh weather conditions as well as those that have to carry extremely heavy loads. Since the chemistry behind bendable concrete can easily tolerate tensile strain, it finds find application in roads and paved surfaces that sees heavy traffic. Japan has already conducted tests on bendable concrete for the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings.


Pervious Concrete

With ongoing drive for more sustainable solutions from consumers and businesses alike, today’s market has seen the introduction of new innovations in concrete that are better for the environment. Pervious concrete is one such product.

Conventional concrete has always been impervious to water. Since water runs off it, concrete contractors and architects need to come up with ways to direct water flow. This has resulted in numerous adverse effects including urban flooding, pollution, and erosion. Pervious concrete installation can allow rainwater to flow into the ground below. Recently, the pervious concrete cost has also become more accessible to the general public.