About Our Concrete Company

The story of our concrete business

C.C. Concrete Contractor

CC Concrete Contractor was started with a couple goals in mind. They were to exceed customers expectations, and to get the project done on time.  Since our start, we have done a great job keeping our goals.

Concrete work waits for no one. With this in mind, we put our heads down and get it done.

Our concrete finishers and other staff have worked collectively in the industry for decades. They started as journeyman and worked their way up to finishers. They are highly skilled and competent.

CC Concrete staff picture

What We Offer

Our professional concrete workers offer experience and on-time performance. These characteristics are rare when it comes to contracting.

The team works hard to make sure your concrete project is done to your exact specifications, every time. If something isn’t correct we like to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Looking at schematic drawings for concrete construction

Concrete requirements

Each project has requirements. Our professionals will make sure all specifications are to the customers liking before concrete is poured.

Worker fixing drywall inside room on concrete floor

We work well with others

If there is a large project with many contractors, our team will coordinate with each contractor so were all on the same page.

Cement pavers outside commercial building

We deliver best concrete results

Our team takes a lot of time initially taking measurements and making sure everything is perfect. This turns into great final results.

We provide the best Concrete service in industry

For any Question regarding concrete work feel free to call us or use the quote form