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Concrete pillars are crucial components in the design of structures such as parking garages and commercial buildings. Pillars are often reinforced with steel rods to provide extra tensile strength for both single and multi-storey structures. If you have a construction project that requires the use of concrete pillars such as concrete pillars for fencing or concrete pillars for foundation, remember that their design and installation entails careful planning, preparation, and construction. You’ll also need to carefully choose the type of concrete and reinforcement necessary to ensure structural integrity.

How to Cast Concrete Pillars

Precast concrete pillars can be easier to use for your construction projects, but if you want pillars that meet your specifications precisely, you’ll need to learn how to cast concrete pillars. Here are the steps that you need to follow.
  • Pour the footing before the column. This should contain metal bars that extend out. These bars will serve as a place where you can attach the rebar and reinforce the pillar itself.
  • Build the formwork. This is the wooden structure that will create the shape of the pillar. It will also keep the pillar in place as the poured concrete hardens. The formwork should also have movable windows where you can pour the concrete.
  • Once the formwork has been nailed around the rebar, mix the concrete. Pay attention to the concrete mix since the ratio of water to mortar will determine the functionality and strength of the pillar.
  • Pour the concrete into the formwork.
  • Once the concrete has sufficiently solidified, remove the formwork. This process can take several days. Before you begin removing the forms, test whether the concrete is strong enough.
  • While the concrete is curing, wrap the pillar in plastic to prevent it from drying out.
  • Once the curing process is complete, remove the plastic. The pillar is now ready to be used in the next phase of your project.

Uses of Concrete Pillars

More than just being a load-bearing structure, concrete pillars can be used for various decorative purposes. Depending on the pillar structure design, you can use it as a focal point for your interior design or use it as a support for exterior spaces such as verandas or pergolas. Sometimes, you’ll buy a home which has a pillar right in the center of a room, detracting from the openness of the space. This can be very unappealing and make it harder for you to have the pillar blend into your home. Nonetheless, it is not an impossible feat. Here are some great ideas that can help you turn an unattractive support structure into a focal design element:

Room divider

If you have a large open space with a huge concrete pillar right at the center, consider turning it into a room divider to separate spaces. For instance, you can use it is a visual separator for your foyer and living room. Make sure to paint it with distinctive colors to really drive home its purpose as a room divider.

Structural support for external structures

In external structures such as patios or verandas, pillars are needed to support the roof which protects the space the natural elements. To break the monotony, you can get creative and opt for doric pillars with geometric design details that naturally catch the eye.

Support for a recess

A pillar can also serve as a support for a partition wall. To avoid making the room feel cramped, build a wall with a smaller width to create a recess. You can then place small pieces of furniture into this space such as a cabinet with a countertop and sink.

Base for TV

If you have a load-bearing pillar in the middle of your living room, use it as a TV mount. You can apply a striking wallpaper or use stone cladding to make the space more cozy and inviting. You can also opt for a finish that matches the rest of your home.

Decorative concrete pillars at the entrance

When designing your home, you can break away from the typical single-pillar design at the entrance of most home. Build two pillars instead and have space at the center where you can place planters and create a more welcoming feel.

If you need assistance on designing and constructing concrete pillars, contact us for guaranteed exceptional service and premium quality work. We produce premium concrete pillars that feature optimal strength and durability. We also offer a variety of concrete construction work to meet your project’s needs on time and within budget. If you’re interested in a quote for concrete pillars cost, give us a call for a free estimate.
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