The Latest Innovations in Concrete Construction

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials today. This is because it is durable, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance. It’s also why concrete is continuously at the center of research and development in the construction industry. Here are some innovations in concrete that are expected to make their way into traditional concrete construction this year.


New Innovations in Concrete Technology

Some of the most significant new concrete technology 2019 are the following:

Self-Healing Concrete

Graphic of a construction project built using innovations in concrete

Cracks are one of the common problems in concrete projects. At some point, cracks develop and leakage happens, which then compromise the material’s integrity . Fortunately, a group of researchers from the Netherlands are working on new innovations in concrete technology on how to make self healing concrete.

Self healing concrete is, essentially, concrete mixed using the same traditional techniques. It contains self healing concrete bacteria that can create limestone or calcite. When the concrete cracks, the introduction of self healing concrete produces crystals to seal the gaps.

Self-Cleaning Concrete

Concrete made with titanium dioxide (TiO2) has the ability to clean itself and the surrounding air of toxic pollutants. The self cleaning concrete strength capitalizes on photocatalysis. The latter is a process where pollutants in the air break down when exposed to sunlight. The self cleaning concrete titanium dioxide is able to break down both organic and inorganic pollutants.

The properties of photocatalytic concrete and the relatively low self cleaning concrete cost make it perfect for urban construction projects. These are where poor air quality and air pollution are major considerations. Researchers found that the process of self cleaning concrete can help considerably improve urban living and the environment.

Carbon Concrete

Low CO2 concrete or carbon concrete is a light and sustainable new type of concrete that combines concrete and carbon fibers. Carbon capture concrete is an innovation in construction technology since carbon concrete corian is able to carry heavy loads and is stronger and more durable than traditional concrete.

Carbon concrete composite is another exciting new concrete technology. It is expected to revolutionize the entire construction industry. Since zero carbon concrete does not rust, it doesn’t require thick layers to protect the structure. Carbon concrete price is also lower because it needs less sand for the process, and also more sustainable because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions.


New Innovations in Concrete Methods and Techniques

Check out some of the latest concrete construction techniques that are set to make waves in the industry:

3D Printed Concrete

If you’re still wondering how does 3D concrete printing work, don’t worry as it was only recently that researchers from the Netherlands have been able to manufacture a large enough 3D house printing machine and 3D printed concrete mold that customizes and focuses on concrete products.

Although implementation in the construction industry is still pending, 3D printed concrete is one of the components of new innovative concrete products. A 3D printed concrete bridge, largest 3D printed house, and driveway replacements are some examples.

Load-Bearing Wood Concrete

Wood chip concrete is a new way to mix concrete. Instead of the usual gravel and sand content, the cement mix includes sawdust or finely ground wood . The result is a new type of concrete that is lighter than traditional concrete with a wood concrete texture.

According to researchers, wood concrete can be used as shuttered concrete or for supporting structures in residential and commercial construction. Some examples of these elements are ceilings and walls.