Design Ideas for Concrete Floors and Finishes

One of the most environmentally friendly materials for flooring is concrete. Beyond that, concrete is also incredibly versatile. You can achieve various design ideas and concepts for concrete floors just by using a different sealant or finish.

If you are looking for creative concrete floor ideas indoors, here are some options that are worth checking out.


Textured concrete floors

graphic of textured concrete floors

If you’re looking through some incredible pictures of concrete floors in homes, chances are, you’ll come across some textured concrete floors. One of the best things about concrete is that you can mold, color, and texture it in various ways. A stamped concrete driveway or a textured concrete pool deck definitely looks stunning in any location.

There are various textures to choose from. One of the most simple ones that you can try out is to create an exposed aggregate finish by brushing and washing the surface during the finishing process.


Metal epoxy

Using metal epoxy definitely makes for stunning cement floor design ideas. Using polished and metallic epoxy coatings on your floor creates a sleek, high-luster finish that is comparable to stone. However, unlike stone or wood, you don’t need to wax a metal epoxy floor.

Metal epoxy contains reflective pigments and actual metallic powders to create that nickel, copper, bronze, or silver look that is very popular with modern buildings. If you are going for an upscale, contemporary concrete flooring, this is one option to place on the top of your list.


Mottled brown stain

One option that always makes for incredible concrete floor designs pictures is a mottled brown stained floor. You can achieve this by using an acid product. Acid staining involves the application of acid to a fully cured and hardened concrete slab.

The subsequent chemical reaction creates a special, almost three-dimensional appearance that is ideal for kitchen floors, especially because the color helps conceal dirt and grime. On top of that, concrete is impervious to water so maintenance is a breeze.


Polished concrete floors

A polished concrete floor is one of the defining hallmarks of many modern apartments. Residential polished concrete floors are linear, geometric, and smooth. It creates a Zen-like sense of openness for the area, making it very appealing for a lot of people. Because of its appealing polished concrete texture, this type of flooring is definitely hard to resist.

Polished concrete flooring is created by grinding with fine abrasive pads. If you want to add color, you can try using a polished concrete floor finishes such as a concrete floor paint or having your floor acid-stained or dyed. To complete the look, add some sealant to give your floor a smooth and shiny look.


Tinted concrete sealers

Using tinted sealers is one of the most popular concrete floor ideas DIY. A concrete stain and sealer is, essentially, a product that protects a surface from stains and moisture penetration. Some sealers are clear. However, you can find some that are tinted with various colors such as a white concrete sealer to create a subtle hue on the surface to which they are applied.

An important thing to remember, however, is that sealers wear off after some time. When this happens, the colors will also fade. If you want to maintain the aesthetic for your home, regularly reapplying the colored stamped concrete sealer is necessary.